The Aero Sport





American Beauty!


Oklahoma!   Valkerie!   Trike!




Proud Texan !

Grand Champion Award Winner!
Customized Aero Sport slips nicely behind a 1978 Corvette.



designed to part the wind!



“The Silver Shadow”

Florida Harley & Aero Sport






over 18 cubic feet of storage

aerodynamic design           cantilevered body construction
sealed inside and out               over 250 pounds useful load


Standard Equipment

chrome trim         chrome wheels        chrome center caps         chrome acorn nuts

rubber torsion arm axle manufactured to my specifications by

Dexter Axle Company.                                   

 4.80 X 12 inch tires                           safety chains

gas lift struts on lid                   carpet                   locking T-handle

rear bumper                                  nose stand                     1 7/8 inch ball hitch

 all nuts, screws, washers, and lid hinge are stainless steel

The Aero Sport is sold complete.


New Wheel Option


5 - Star Aluminum Wheels

Order your Aero Sport with this beautiful

5-Star Cast-Aluminum Wheel

and 145 R-12 steel-belted radial tires.

A $225.00 option



Electrical System

d.o.t.  approved  lighting

six-wire  insulated  cable                covered electrical  terminal  block

all  lights  with  individual  leads             all  connections  soldered  and insulated


Ready for the Road!


$ 2,695.00
F.O.B. Marquez, Texas

prices subject to change without notice




outside dimensions

overall length-                                   94 inches
overall width-                                    45 inches
overall height-                                   37 inches

inside dimensions

max. floor length-                                 66 inches
max. floor width-                                 28 inches
max. inside height-                               19 inches

size of lid opening-                                 28 inches wide by 42 inches long
tongue weight (empty)-                                                  appx. 15 pounds
empty weight-                                                            appx.  200 pounds
maximum gross weight-                                                        500 pounds

tire size-  4.80 X 12 inch

automotive type hub has 5 lugs on a 4 1/2 inch circle



Color Matching

All Aero Sport trailers come out of the mold in gray primer gelcoat finish and are ready

for your custom paint.   All lights, hardware, and chrome trim are included but not installed.

All holes for all lights are pre-drilled by template for ease and accuracy of installation.

light leads are pre-fitted and all electrical harness complete and ready to install.

In central Texas, Conroe Motorcycle Conversions, Inc. can color-match your Aero Sport.              
 phone 1-877-874-5348
          or email


come back soon!


Important Notice!
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